The never blinking mono eye

Shrine of the Five Eyes

The Shrine of the Five eyes contains the eyes of the eagle, the butterfly, and the never blinking mono eye. The eagle sees the world from soaring above it and zooming down to examine the smallest of prey. The butterfly flutters through the world at close range. She is a deliverer of love and fertility as she moves from flower to flower exchanging pollen as gifts. The unblinking mono eye looks at the world from one vantage point. It transmits its vision through electric optic nerves. It never eats. It only warns of danger.

The Shrine of the Five eyes chứa đôi mắt của con đại bàng, con bướm và đôi mắt không bao giờ nhấp nháy. Con đại bàng nhìn thế giới bay lên trên nó và phóng to xuống để kiểm tra con mồi nhỏ nhất. Con bướm lướt qua thế giới ở cự li gần. Cô là người giao hàng của tình yêu và khả năng sinh sản khi cô chuyển từ hoa sang hoa trao đổi phấn hoa làm quà tặng. Đôi mắt mono không chớp mắt nhìn vào thế giới từ một điểm thuận lợi. Nó truyền tầm nhìn của nó thông qua các dây thần kinh thị giác điện. Nó không bao giờ ăn. Nó chỉ cảnh báo nguy hiểm.

God of Wealth

My parents came to America from Vietnam to search for their American Dream. Just like most immigrants who come to this country, they all strive to be financially successful. Both of my parents work day and nights, even if that means not being able to attend our graduations or important school events. Their love for us is what motivated them to continue to endure many obstacles, in hopes that my siblings and I would not have to go through the similar struggles they had faced in their country. It is common for Asian families to display a statue of this god and worship him within their homes. As the god of wealth, it is believed within Asian culture that by worshipping he would embrace you with his wealth and...

The Quiet Child: An Unspoken Voice of a Child

Childhood is a one of a kind experience that everybody goes through. A more innocent time where one is allowed to be naive and explore the world for their first time. The little girl tilts her head slightly, not only as a sign of confusion but also to see the world in a perspective that she has never seen before. Her eyes widen towards the camera. Because like the camera, both the camera and the child stores information and data in their frail little memories, waiting to combust and show the world how it feels to be through their lenses/eyes. However, unlike the camera, she keeps her mouth shut. Unable to demonstrate to the world her emotions and her perspectives. Tragically, she is unable to add anything...

Grand Father Buddha

Grand father Buddha is shown sitting on a stump. He has the time now to contemplate the world. The pipe becomes a sign of meditation but also a sign of danger and death. At any moment his life may go up in smoke. If one meditates for too long within the sweet smell of tobacco , their lungs will blacken in time. With wisdom comes foolishness. Ông bố Phật được ngồi trên một gốc cây. Anh ấy có thời gian để chiêm ngưỡng thế giới. Đường ống trở thành dấu hiệu của thiền nhưng cũng là dấu hiệu nguy hiểm và cái chết. Bất cứ lúc nào cuộc sống của anh có thể tăng lên trong khói. Nếu người ta thiền quá lâu trong mùi thuốc lá ngọt ngào, phổi của họ sẽ đen lại theo thời gian. Với sự khôn ngoan đến ngu...

City Boy

The city is crowded with not only people but also noises and distractions that fills the air. However, those who grow up in those type of environment can appreciate the chaotic noises as if it is music to their ears. Within the various pictures that hang around the boy, may seem like a disorganized mess, but are an actual subtle representation that is associated with the concept of the urban lifestyle. The picture of the building reminds you of the skyscrapers that consume the majority of the city. The car that can be seen hanging behind the boy, is to illustrate the fast-pace and busy lives in the urban areas. It common to see a large number of cars because of the need to always be or go somewhere. It is...

Meditation on a Back Porch

A Buddhist temple is the place of worship for Buddhists, the followers of Buddhism. They include the structures called vihara, stupa, wat and pagoda in different regions and languages. Temples in Buddhism represent the pure land or pure environment of a Buddha. Một ngôi chùa Phật giáo là nơi thờ phượng cho Phật tử, tín đồ Phật giáo. Chúng bao gồm các cấu trúc được gọi là vihara, bảo tháp, wat và chùa ở các vùng và ngôn ngữ khác nhau. Đền thờ trong Phật giáo đại diện cho vùng đất thuần khiết hoặc môi trường thuần khiết của một vị Phật.

Progress Awaits: The LGBTQ community

The LGBTQ community has been struggling to make steady progress throughout the years with the growing acceptance within the American society. However, for the progress of the acceptance of the LGBTQ, there need to be changes. These changes lie within our perspectives and approach for the normalcy of the community. In order to create changes, we must think and follow different paths or roads that have not been thought of or have been created before. The vibrant and colorful wheels of the bike are the colors representing the LGBTQ. Cats and mouse are typically viewed as animals that do not get along with one another, however, in this picture they are both riding on the same bike heading toward in the same direction. This...

Shrine of the Blonde, the Cock, and the Electric Service

Our sense of power comes from being served.  We fantasize of service  from the female, the blonde maid with bountiful fruit at all levels of her presence, and the male cock, with his warrior like speech and sexuality. We are constantly measuring our power. Yet outside of the internal struggle for power and dominance sits the fawns waiting to be nurtured from the emerald glow of the vase and mother nature.

Fanning Away the Outside Noises

The statue that reflects the relationships between a husband and his wife What may seem like a lover's quarrel is instead a tender moment between a husband and his beloved wife. Although they face away from each other with piercing gazes, their vision eventually meet and so does the future that they see in the distance. The saying “words coming in one ear and out the other” is not the scenario for this couple. The wife covers one ear with a fan to retain the conversation and lends her other ear for her husband. She does not let the outside noise distract her from her the words of her trusted husband. Whereas, the husband’s head is about to explode with wisdom and his only outlet is sharing it to his wife...