Connie Coleman and Alan Powell saw the video monitor as a window to an alternative visual space or alternative narrative. This work grew out performance pieces by Connie Coleman  and Alan Powell’s use of multichannel video monitors and tapes to create new sculptural environments and multiple narratives about a particular subject. The collaboration started with the installation and performance pieces  with documents of Coleman’s floating weavings made from computer tape and Powell’s use of monitors to create simulated water environments ( “Holding my Breath under a Waterfall:1976″ ,”Lost River Installations”: 1977 and “lapse: 1977”). After Coleman/Powell moved to Philadelphia in 1978 their video work became more political. “Living in Glass Houses” :1984 was a reflection on gentrification and the multi-cultural world of living in a urban neighborhood and fixing up their 1885 Brownstone. The next three installations were reflections on the relationship and interdependency between mass media and politics, terrorism and commodity culture. These works included “Song and Dance”:1987, “Negoitations for a Heaven on Earth”: 1985 – 1988, and “Sweet Talking Guy”: 1991. The last large body of installation work was called “Ballet Digital” 1989 – 1998. These piece were reflections on how digital culture was changing our concepts of time, space, and culture.