“Trump Dump”
TermiteTV “Waste Show Project  (Political Waste)

Alan Powell – Project Director
TermiteTV – artists make TV.

Founded in 1992, Termite TV is a video collective with members based in Philadelphia, PA and Buffalo, NY. The mission of Termite TV Collective is to produce, distribute and facilitate the creation of experimental and activist media that challenges the status quo and provides an alternative to corporate media. We value working collaboratively across artistic disciplines, inspiring other artists, encouraging the expression of multiple styles and points of view, risk-taking, innovation and the blend of humor and intelligent critique in our work.

      The Trump Dump was started a few weeks before the 2016 Presidential election was over. Feeling exhausted by the never ending political messaging  and culture bashing by the Trump Campaign, Alan Powell and Juliana Fernandes started downloading all the campaign commercials from both the Clinton and Trump campaigns. The first piece created was “And I approve this Message”  ( 2016) which was a composite of 200 Clinton and Trump commercials into a American Flag. The meaning of the piece was that these commercials represent how America sees itself in 2016.

            The driving aesthetic practice of the TermiteTV  collective is that of satirical humor, media deconstruction , and  anti-aesthetic. If the culture says “this is good safe art” the collective makes media and art products that directly challenge the status-quo of art making. media making and accepted cultural aesthetics. The resulting work is meant to confront both the viewers politics and aesthetics. “Trump Dump” is based on the idea of Trump selling the idea that the United States had become a Dystopia and a wasteland.  Trump in his commercials had presented the idea that the United States had become a dangerous wasteland caused by immigrants, people of color, and Islamic Terrorists. The Termite Tv collective Started working with the Trump commercials during an Artist-in-Residency at Signal Culture in Upstate New York.  For a week the collective lived in a video studio, warping and distorted images of Trump and mixing his images  and commercials with movie footage of Adolf’s Hitler’s “Triumph of the Will”.  From December 2016 through Janurary 2017, Alan Powell and a team of  other artists, Emily Harasta, Juliana Fernades, Denzel Warren, Christine Acurantes, Julia Rodriquez, Anula Shetty, Micheal Kutemeyer, George Kutemeyer, Debra Rudman, Jim Brossy,  Laura Deutch, and John Petit and Lee Clawson constructed video tapes and installations using Trump’s Language, image and Tweets as the backbone of the exhibition. The exhibition is a series of modules and art constructions.