Catskill 360

I have been walking in the woods since I was a little boy. My grandfather would take my siblings and I into the mixed hardwood forest that grew just beyond the sheep pasture being transformed into a tree farm on his nine acres  that sat on West Hollow rd just northwest of Naples, New York. After my artistic partner passed away I bought a second home in the Catskill Mountains. AT sixty years old I finally fulfilled my dream of being able to walk into the mountains with ease at each sunrise.

“My visual experience goes beyond a single image. I scan, pan and sample my environment using the electronic tools related to video, sound, photography, and three-dimensional imaging. I rarely create an image based on one object/one moment in time, but arrange images and sounds in a montage or collage,” says Powell. The images step beyond the frame. After being captured with a variety of techniques and technologies, Powell constructs the images to knit the environment into a holistic map or to highlight the conceptual relationships between objects, places and people.