In April of 2018, Diane George, Chris George, Karla and I spent two days diving  the reefs of Grand Cayman Island. It was my first dive with my new Sealife underwater camera and diving with a light. The quality of video improved. The Caribbean reefs have suffered a lot of damage from global  warming. The wildlife is also fragile. The reefs are protected, but only after years of over fishing for sea turtles and conch. The highlight of the trip was diving and feeding Southern Sting Rays. The video shows an encounter with two Southern Sting Rays. The smaller of rays is male,Taco, about 35 years old . The other larger sting ray is female. The rays enjoy their interaction with people. They have been coming to this sand bar for over fifty years after fisherman started to clean their catch out by the sand bar to avoid bringing insects onto the Island.